Glasto Tat

Full Service Experience


Seamlessly Track Experiences at Music Festivals

GlastoTat is a conceptual physical and digital product that uses skin sensors to enhance and capture the experience of multi-day musical festivals. Our team created a unique full service experience journey from ticket purchase to a memorable closing experience after the festivities when the sensor becomes a souvenir.  Heat sensors and heart rate data capture moments to create a visual guided journey of the day’s events. Moments that are easily shared with friends and a product that itself becomes a memory.



Our team was made up of 6 designers all with varied interests and backgrounds. To agree to a final brief and solution was a challenge in itself. This was as much of a team dynamics challenge as it was a design one. We collaborated to create a brief that fit all of our interests and learning outcomes. The hardest and most difficult part of being a designer is focusing on one small aspect of a larger picture. Our first idea was to capture memories, this lead to too many ideas and not enough focus. The ability to stop ideating in order to focus, is a task and challenge on its own when creating a self initiated brief. We managed to focus all of our energy to a specific need to help create a very tangible and memorable experience. 


Self Created

Project Lead Time:

2 Weeks


User Testing
User Journey

Team Member:

Shirley Sarker
Sydney Johnson
Renzo Vallejo
Nurul Ibrahim
Mustafa Gokeri
Mabel Lazzarin



User Journey

The bio sensor process from ticket purchase to post festival to download activity statistics and to keep a track of all the music sets.


Users can choose their own tattoo sensor after purchasing the ticket. Sensors will arrive with the via post and users just need to tap on the sensor to connect to their smartphones.

Hi-Fidelity Protoype

Closure Experience

At the end of the festival, keep the sensor safe as a souvenir.

Project Process

After several ideation phases we funnelled our brief from capturing memories to:

How might we capture / record the experience of Glastonbury in non interfering / seamless way?

We then used this as a stepping stone to dive into the festival to get a better understanding of what it’s like to be in a festival and how best to capture memories seamlessly. Starting with various methods of research, including surveys and qualitative interviews.

A survey and numerous user testing was used to validate the product and the need to track movement and motion to create an engaging memorable experience at festivals. Tracking elements were also tested with users such as name of band and song that created the most movement and excitement.

We sketched out several ideas to incorporate various ways to collect data, from sensors on wellies to wristbands. We chose to create a lo-fi prototype with a sticker to see how body temperature, emotion sensors can be incorporated to create a personlized expereince. Stickers were then used to test with users.