Northern Heritage

Increasing variety and locality of UK Domestic produce

Northern Heritage

A community for farmers to interact with their local community of chefs and food lovers

Northern Heritage was born from a strategy report I created for a failing online business that connected farmers products with consumers. To add value to their business I created a sister brand Northern Heritage. It was a new product they could develop to keep there customers engaged by allowing them to be part of the growing process.

This was then pitched to my collages at Hyper to develop further in part with our Experience Design module. Using principles from the Lean Startup we immedietly tested the assumption that chefs wanted to grow their own produce. After several prototypes and user tests we pivoted to create the new Northern Heritage and it’s supporting product Spouter.

Northern Heritage is a community group, striving to support and facilitate sustainable local production of fruit and vegetables in the north of England.

Sprouter is a farm-to-table digital service provided by Northern Heritage, with the aim of connecting local farmers with chefs and foodies. Sprouter allows these chefs and foodies to express their interest various produce, whilst illustrating this demand to farmers, removing some of the risk that is currently involved in committing to grow new crops. We want local farmers to thrive, and focus on growing produce they are proud of.

Our mission is to facilitate a passionate community of foodies and promote the unique and diverse products grown and created locally.

Our vision to boost sustainable food production and reduce unnecessary imports.



How may we connect farmers with the local community to increase domestic production?


Download Northern Harvest Stratagy Download Northern Heritage Brief


Self Initiated

Project Lead Time:

3 Weeks


Product Concept
Product Owner
User Flow
Chef Prototype

Team Member:

Shirley Sarker
Radina Doneva
Laura Morley
Nurul Ibrahim
Natalie McCarthy







Sprouter is a digital service provided by Northern Heritage, with the aim of connecting local farmers with chefs and foodies.

Sprouter allows these chefs and foodies to express their interest in various produce, whilst illustrating this demand to farmers, and removing some of the risk that is currently involved in committing to grow new crops. We want local farmers to thrive, and focus on growing produce they are proud of.

 Chef Prototype

Chefs can view what is in season as well as view recipes with new products uploaded by farmers. They can also fund products farmers want to grow. If there is a specific product that is not being grown in the community, chefs can show their demand. Allowing farmers to see what is being demanded in their local community reducing waste in money and resources.

Invision Prototype

 Farmer Prototype

Farmers can easily upload a product they want help to fund and also see what demand is in the area to have security in planting new products

Project Process