Pencil Me


Pencil Me

A tool to book freelancers by day

Pencil me was a self initiated project I created after becoming frustrated by the lack of assistance in hiring freelancers. At Channel 5 we believed in a fare price of freelancers and did not use recruitment services. This was a great idea but also incredibly time consuming. Vice versa as a past freelancer it was frustrating for me to be penciled but not confirmed. I wanted to create a better experience for both companies seeking freelancers and also a great portal for freelancers to organise their bookings.

This concept was then tested with a variety of office managers who are the main recruiters for freelancers in the motion and 3D industry. After receiving positive feedback on the prototype I then developed a High Fidelity prototype. I am currently seeking to revive this project and am in search of a developer founder.





Desktop Prototype

A glimpse into the client side platform.

Mobile Prototype

A glimpse into the freelancer side platform